2019 Kawasaki Mule Pro-MX is Small and Mighty – Video Review

For 2019, Kawasaki has introduced a new Mule model, the Pro-MX, fitting big torque into a small package.

The Pro-MX uses a 695cc single-cylinder fuel injected engine that offers just over 42 lb-ft of torque, an impressive number when you consider that the larger three-cylinder engine makes just about 5 lb-ft more in the larger Mule models.

Power from the engine comes on immediately, offering torque-laden response right off the line. In its bed, the Pro-MX can take up to 700 lbs, and we put it to the test with a load of fire wood. Although we didn’t max it out, it was enough to feel how responsive and punchy the little engine is.

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The key with the Pro-MX is its size, with a 78.9-inch wheelbase offering a turning circle of just 13.8 feet. Width comes in at 60 inches in total, while ground clearance is a little over 10 inches. The Pro-MX feels small and maneuverable on the trail as a result and the small size is easy to appreciate when it comes time to store the machine as well.

Our Mule Pro-MX came outfitted with a number of different accessories as well, giving us the chance to put the accessory catalogue to the test. The automotive glass windshield is an excellent addition the Mule, coming with a windshield wiper to deal with rain or water splashing up from the trail.

A brush guard up front kept the face of the Pro-MX protected, and it plays host to an LED light bar.

To find out whether or not we think all these accessories are really worth the money, you’ll have to watch the full video review above.