AskTFL: Sell the RZR to Buy a Jeep?

Today on AskTFL, we’re going to offer up our advice to a reader who can’t decide what to buy. And spending other people’s money is always the most fun!

The question comes from Steven, who is trying to figure out if he should sell his Polaris RZR for a Jeep. He writes:

I have owned a Rzr for about a year now and I am debating on selling it to buy a JL Rubicon. I am really curious to hear your feedback as you live in a similar area to me and have owned/driven both. I have watched all of your videos with the Rzr you had as well as many you have done with Jeeps.

I get the sense that you prefer Jeeps slightly more for the area and riding you do. I really love the Rzr for off road (Moab, Sand Dunes, etc) but hate how much time it spends sitting in my garage not being used. I have 3 young kids (4, 2, and 1-year old) it its hard to travel 4+ hours to good RZR trails. I feel like a Jeep would get more use during the year, I could access closer trails, and it would be a “smoother” ride for my kids. The two big factors that push me towards the jeep are:

1. RZR are not street legal in CO, and many of the (nearby) trails your need a license plate to get from trail to trail.

2. Jeep slightly more family oriented with my young kids. I could access closer trails easier. 

I am hesitant to sell because I have been to Moab three times with the RZR and really enjoy how easy/quick it is able to cover the trails there. I would love to hear your thoughts/input. I read tons of stuff online (Jeep vs RZR) but am more curious to hear your input specifically from owning it in Northern Colorado point of view.

First of all thanks for the question Steven. It sounds like you’ve already thought this through pretty thoroughly.

As the one TFLer who isn’t a native Coloradan, I can’t speak to what it’s like to live there. But I have spent a few weeks in Boulder and have experienced off-roading in both SUVs and side-by-sides in the area, so I do have a little experience with what you’re talking about. And you already laid out most of the pertinent points.

A Jeep is more useful 365 days a year, where a side-by-side spends most of its life just sitting around, waiting for you to get it to the trail. If you don’t live somewhere you can ride from your front door like yourself, owning a side-by-side suddenly becomes a much larger burden and necessitates owning a tow vehicle and trailer.

Keeping your kids in one spot all day is an added benefit of the Jeep, plus the heat or air conditioning to keep them comfortable.

The only big benefit I see in the side-by-side over the Jeep: more fun. If you ask me, the RZR will always be more fun that the Wrangler, but for your families needs, it sounds like the Jeep is right. And that holds true from a Colorado perspective.

Most of the trails I’ve experienced in the Boulder area are very well suited for Jeeps. Nice wide roads criss cross the mountains and a Jeep is perfect for getting you to a great vantage point. There is a wide range of difficulty here, just like in Moab, and you can spend hours discovering new places. There’s nothing specifically about Colorado trails that scream side-by-side, so for you Steven, I say Jeep all the way.

And as luck would have it Steven, we’ve covered this topic in a video, so make sure you watch below.