International Snowmobile Celebration Day is Coming to North America

One weekend this coming October, North Americans will gather together to celebrate snowmobiles, marking a great time too buy a new sled if you’re in the market.

All of the snowmobile manufacturers have collectively agreed to support a new International Snowmobile Celebration event from October 25-27, 2019, which will take place at dealers and local clubs across the US and Canada. Sweden has a similar day, known as “Snöskoters Dag” (Snowmobile Day), and has run it successfully for nearly 40 years.

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Plenty of different events will take place on this weekend, not the least of which are sale prices on all new sleds for the season. Show and shine events with vintage and custom snowmobiles will also take place. Safety training events, maintenance courses and more will be available at dealers to help customers get more accustomed to their sled.

Dealers are being contacted now and are being asked to participate, as the more involvement they event gets the bigger it will be. Manufacturers are also helping out, offering participating dealers some money.

All local snowmobile clubs are being asked to help out as well with coordinating events, serving food, conducting safety courses and more.

Though the snowmobiles might come from competing companies, International Snowmobile Celebration day is about coming together as a family to celebrate the sport, no matter what you ride.

So head to your local club or dealer and support the sport this fall.