Kawasaki is Teasing its New Sport Side-by-Side in a Video

It is no secret that Kawasaki is planning a sport focused side-by-side, and now the brand is officially teasing the model.

We expect the new Kawasaki to be called the KRX based on early trademarks and it will compete with the Polaris RZR, Honda Talon and the Yamaha YXZ.

Little is known about the new sport Kawasaki, besides the date that it will arrive, that being October 7, 2019.

In early patent drawings, one of the most unique features of the KRX is a set of curved roll bars at the back end, designed to help the machine be rolled back onto its wheels. These aren’t shown in the teaser, but they could be back there.

All of the proper elements of a sport side-by-side seem to be present in the teaser, namely aggressive tires, lots of suspension travel and an angry looking design.

So make sure you stay tuned to TFLOffroad when this new unit debuts.