Mahindra Roxor Now Offers an Automatic Transmission, Rear Seats

Mahindra has expanded the options you can get with its Roxor off-road vehicle, adding a new automatic transmission and a second row of seats.

Originally available with only a five-speed manual, you can now opt for a six-speed automatic if you don’t want to row through the gears yourself.

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The Roxor A/T, as its known, also comes with a bench seat in the back so two more of your friends can enjoy the fun. The A/T gets an updated interior as well, with a new center console that features more storage than before.

The rest of the Roxor details remain the same, meaning that this machine is powered by a 2.5-liter turbodiesel and it rides on a solid ladder frame with four-corner leaf spring suspension.

Offering the new A/T model should help to expand the Roxor’s customer base.

Take a look at our mega comparison below between the Roxor and some traditional side-by-sides.