The Honda Talon Four Seater Has Arrived

2020 Honda Talon 1000X-4 FOX Live Valve

Honda has revealed its 2020 powersports lineup, and it includes a brand new four seat version of the Honda Talon.

The brand new Talon 1000X-4 takes the best parts of Talon and stretches out the frame so you can go riding with the entire family. A second model, the 1000X-4 FOX Live Valve, as you can probably guess, uses a set of FOX shocks that can continually adjust damping on the fly for optimal performance.

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Power for both models still comes from a 999cc four-valve Unicam parallel-twin engine, making 104 horsepower.

Adding rear seat in the 1000X brings the total wheelbase up to 116.4 inches, compared to the X’s standard 87.6 inches. Overall length for the new four seater measures in at 152.6 inches. Curb weight is listed at 1,753 lbs, a little over 200 pounds heavier than the 1000X.

2020 Honda Talon 1000X-4 FOX Live Valve

Fox Podium Quick Switch 3 shocks do the job on the standard 1000X-4 model, offering 14.6- and 15-inches of suspension travel front and rear respectively. Opt for the Live Valve model and you get shocks that adjust 16 times per second for optimal damping in varying scenarios. Travel on this model is nearly the same, offering 14.4 and 15 inches respectively.

Another exciting feature on the Live Valve model is launch control, using the ECU and sensors to optimize your launch.

Pricing for the new 1000X-4 models has not been announced yet. Expect it closer to when these models become available in fall of 2019.