The Honda Talon Turbo You’ve Been Waiting for Has Arrived

When the Honda Talon first hit the scene, the biggest question on most peoples minds revolved around horsepower, and now there is a way to get more.

The folks at Jackson Racing have introduced the firs turbo kit for the Talon, cranking up power by 60 percent over the stock 104 hp, putting the number somewhere around 160 hp. The turbocharger itself is supplied by Garrett, and can be installed without fabricating, welding or changing any engine internals.

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“Drivability and durability are both critically important, and we got it right here,” says Oscar Jackson Jr., COO and multi-time national road racing champion. “This is the turbo Talon you dreamed about.”

This puts the Talon much more squarely in line with its competition from Polaris and Can-Am, along with the turbocharged version of the Yamaha YXZ.

Pricing was not announced yet for the Honda Talon turbo, which will be available for purchase in the fall of 2019.