We Install a Skyjacker Suspenion Lift on Our 1985 Chevy K10 – Video

Old trucks never rode great, because they didn’t need to. Daily driving was such a small consideration and hard work was so high on the priority list that suspension was made to haul payload and nothing more.

And then when you stick steel blocks under the leafs in the rear to jack up the body, the ride gets even worse. Enter Big Green, our 1985 Chevy K10. Over rough roads, Big Green is stiff and rough, while even the smoothest highways end up beating you up eventually with constant butt-cracking vibrations.

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That’s exactly why we reached out to the folks at Skyjacker, to get new suspension that will help our truck ride a whole lot nicer. We went for a four-inch lift, exactly what is under Big Green now, except this time long-travel leaf springs arrived to hold up the truck.

The kit also includes four shocks and a new steering stabilizer shock.

Click here to see the suspension lift we got from Skyjacker.

Swapping out the suspension was a fairly easy job, made simpler by a hoist we were able to use. If you don’t have a hoist, you’ll need jack stands, and either way you’ll need a jack to support the axle.

Besides that, everything about working on an old truck like this is straightforward, although you’ll need lots of good penetrating fluid to get the bolts moving.

The instructions from Skyjacker are clear, and the install went smooth for us. The kit could be a little clearer about which shocks and shackles go where, but by process of elimination we figured it all out.

So was it all worth it? Absolutely. The truck now soaks up the road underneath it, riding much smoother than it did before. Adding the extra travel allows this setup to absorb hard hits and keep the passengers insulated.

So if you’re looking at lifting your truck, don’t go with blocks. Save yourself the stiff ride and get a proper suspension lift. And don’t forget to check out Skyjacker.