2019 Sea-Doo Fish Pro 155 Tested – Is It Better Than a Fishing Boat?

For 2019, Sea-Doo released the all-new Fish Pro, a personal watercraft (PWC) designed specifically for anglers.

The majority of the upgrades on Fish Pro come in the form of accessories, though there are some physical changes we must discuss. A large Garmin fish finder mounted next to the handlebars is the most eye-catching upgrade, and is also helpful for finding those scaled creatures.

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Along the gunwales are unique steps, angled back at the seat so that you can sit sideways on the Fish Pro and not only rest your feet, but also have a decent amount of leverage to be able to keep yourself on the boat. At the rear end, the Fish Pro has been extended by an extra foot compared to similar Sea-Doo models to accommodate a second set of Linq accessory cleats, allowing you to have the standard cooler on the back plus a gas caddy or more storage.

That cooler on the rear end is much more than just a place to keep cool drinks as well. It comes equipped with fishing rod holders that can be moved around it, while the top is a material surface made for gutting and cleaning fish on.

The Fish Pro certainly works well, but is it really better than buying a fishing boat? You’ll have to watch the full video review above and decide for yourself.