2019 Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300 Review

Luxury and personal watercraft (PWCs) did not go together when these machines first hit the market, but today there are plenty of luxury options packed with convenience features.

The 2019 Sea-Doo GTX Limited packs both the best features Sea-Doo has to offer along with its most powerful engine option, a 1,630 cc supercharged powerplant that makes 300 horsepower. A smaller 1,494 cc engine option is available with 230 horsepower as well.

But what makes the Limited model special are all the standard features, such as a USB-port for charging your devices in the watertight phone holder, a water depth and temperature finder, a removable dry bag and more. Cruise control and a slow-speed mode are also included on the GTX, adding luxury to the riding experience thanks to ease of use.

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The “cruise control” is actually a speed limited which allows you to hold the throttle in a wide open position but hold at a set speed. Controls for the speed are located on the right handlebar, making it simple to adjust the speed of travel while you’re on the move.

The stability of the GTX is also a high point, helped by a low center of gravity. The tradeoff on these models is overall turning performance, with the GTX lacking the initial bite you’ll find on something like the RTX model. But for a comfort and luxury application, hard bite is not necessarily what you want. And you’ll forget about turning once you nail the throttle in a straight line and feel the heart stopping acceleration of the 300 horsepower engine.

The GTX Limited doesn’t come cheap though, selling for about $18,000 in the USA and just over $20,000 in Canada.

So is it worth it? You’ll have to watch the video review above to find out.