Comparing Payload & Towing for Half-Ton Off-Road Trucks – Watch us Load a GMC Sierra AT4 to its Limit

Off-road packages are available from every major brand that builds a truck these days, and the GMC Sierra AT4 is GM’s premium entry into the world of half-ton off-roaders.

Every off-road package results in lower payload and tow ratings than the standard versions of the truck, but just how much does each package forfeit?

Take a look at the chart below.

Ram Rebel Nissan Titan Pro-4X Toyota Tundra TRD Pro GMC Sierra AT4 Ford Raptor
Tow Rating 11340 lbs (Crew Cab), 11470 lbs (Quad Cab) 9230 lbs 9200 lbs 9400 lbs 6000 lbs (SuperCab), 8000 lbs (SuperCrew)

Payload Rating 1840 lbs (Crew Cab), 1970 lbs (Quad Cab) 1610 lbs 1560 lbs 1396 lbs (as tested) 1200 lbs

*All numbers when trucks are properly equipped

To find out how one of these trucks works in the real world, we borrowed a 2019 GMC Sierra AT4 and loaded it right up to the payload limit, which in this case was 1,396 pounds. At that limit, the Sierra performed incredibly well, with plenty of suspension travel left to handle the load and keep the ride nice and smooth over harsh roads.

Where the Sierra really shows its work ethic is with its bed. Thanks to many smart innovations like the multi-pro tailgate and amount of overall cargo capacity, the Sierra proves that it’s just as ready for hard work as it is for hitting the trail.

Watch the video above to see us load this truck up right to the limit.