Is the new 2019 Yamaha Tracer 900 a Tame Hooligan Bike, A Gentle Tourer, or … ? (Video)

This bike has the awesome Yamaha inline-3 engine.

Is the new 2019 Yamaha Tracer 900 a tame version of a hooligan bike, a relaxed touring bike, a very fun all around bike, or all of the above? Check out this detailed review to find out!

The Tracer 900 shares its engine with the extremely popular MT-09, a bike loved by all hooligan riders. This inline-3 engine is rated at 115 horsepower and has plentiful torque. However, the longer rear suspension tames this bike a little more as to not pull a wheelie every time.

Still, publications like CycleWorld rate the Tracer 900 0-60 MPH acceleration at a very exciting 2.9 seconds.

The design and styling has been updated to flow together a little more. The seat has added cushion, and it is height adjustable.

The bike has a comfortable upright seating position for the rider and passenger. The center gauge screen is not as fancy or high definition enough as the $10,699 starting price would suggest.

Here is TFLoffroad’s new reviewer – Alex – with a very detailed look at the new Tracer 900.

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