Military Polaris Dragor A1 Is The Biggest and Most Capable Side-by-Side Out There – It Can Carry 9 People

It's diesel-powered and can carry a 4,000 lbs payload.

military polaris dragor a1 side-by-side
Military Polaris Dragor A1 (photo: Polaris)

If you thought the Polaris RZR XP 1000 Turbo 4S was big, capable, and mean – it pales in comparison to the military Polaris Dragor A1. Check it out! This machine is capable of carrying up to nine soldiers and their gear or a total payload of about 4,000 lbs. Oh yea, and it still has the suspension that allows it to jump and go over pretty much any terrain.

Polaris Dragor A1

This crazy machine is diesel-powered. It’s 74 inches wide and 178 inches long. It has a curb weight of approximately 4,500 lbs, which is actually light by military vehicle standards. The total 8,500 lbs GVWR puts it (nearly) into 3/4-ton pickup truck territory. The 4,000 lbs payload capacity is more than most 3/4-ton pickup trucks.

Polaris says that the Dragor A1 has a maximum driving range of 500 miles (when loaded to the full GVW). That is a lot of capability wrapped in a relatively small package.

The machine has four forward facing seats, and four seats in the rear cargo area. The ninth person can stand up in the middle of the Dragor A1 inside the gun turret.

Check out these images provided by Polaris.

There are many other manufacturers that provide small off-road vehicles to the military. The up and coming Nikola electric side-by-side manufacturer is also looking to build military version of their NZT machine.

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