One of These Action Cameras is Much Worse Than the Others: GoPro vs DJI vs Sony Action Cams – Video

Capturing your adventures on camera for the world to see is always fun, but what’s the best camera to get the job done?

This week, we are comparing three different action cameras, all of which we regularly use here at TFL to record our vehicle reviews. We have the GoPro Hero7, Sony FDR-X3000 and the DJI Osmo Action, and in the video above you can see the exact difference in clarity.

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We hooked all three cameras up to the same mount at the same time to make sure we have a clear apples-to-apples comparison. The picture is clearly different with all three cameras, while the audio quality is also very different between all three cameras.

Where the Sony lacks some of the coloration of the GoPro and Osmo, it makes up for it with a great microphone. The Sony is also the only one of the bunch that is not waterproof, and when you put it in a waterproof case, the microphone becomes useless.

You’ll have to see for yourself exactly how all of these action cameras perform in the video above.