This KAMAZ Arctic 6×6 Will Crush Any Terrain With Monster Truck Tires – Ultimate Overland Vehicle

KAMAZ Arctic 6×6

Big overland off-road trucks are all the latest craze, but all of them look small and cute when compared to this KAMAZ “Arktika” 6×6 expedition truck. This truck was developed and designed to do some heavy lifting and work in Russia’s arctic regions on any terrain and in any weather.

KAMAZ Arctic 6×6

This truck is absolutely massive. It uses monster truck tires that are as tall as a person. This offers the truck approximately 27 inches of ground clearance.

(photo: KAMAZ)

The truck is designed to accomodate tires of various widths. The tires you see here are approximately 27.5 inches wide. If the snowy or marshy terrain requires more floatation, then 40-inch wide tires can be fitted.

The fully outfitted truck weighs approximately 17 tonnes. It includes the nicely appointed living compartment for three people. The living space is equipped with a kitchen, dinette, heater, beds, and more.

This KAMAZ truck has an articulating body to allow this beast to turn. It’s meant to go over any type of terrain, but the power and gearing limit the truck to a maximum speed of 50 km/h or 31 mph. It will get the job done, but it will do it slowly.

This truck is designed for 6×6 and 8×8 configurations, although any images or video of the 8×8 truck are not currently available.

If you love big trucks, then you have to see what the guys at Plan B Supply are doing with old military 6×6 trucks. Check out the video below.

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