2019 Honda Talon 1000X Review – Watch This Video Before You Buy!

The 2019 Honda Talon has to be one of the most exciting debuts to hit the dirt this year, and we finally had the chance to take a 1000X back home to our trails and run it hard.

In Canada, Honda decided that the 1000R was too wide and the added suspension travel wasn’t necessary, so Canadians only have access to the 1000X. At first this decision seemed rash to me, but after running the 1000X hard down my tight forested trails, the machine felt plenty powerful and plenty wide.

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Sitting at 64-inches wide, the 1000X is competitive with all the other major brands on the market as well, so it’s not as if you’re lacking compared to the competition. Power is certainly lower that what you can get from today’s turbocharged models, but the 999cc parallel twin engine making 104 hp feels nicely matched to the capability of this unit.

And for you speak freaks who need more power, a turbocharger backed by Honda can already be had.

The Talon comes equipped with Honda’s I-4WD system, comprised of a locked rear differential and a limited-slip differential in the front which can send power to each individual front wheel using brake force. Climbing our sandstone rock pile, the system worked well at imitating a locker, keeping the power split pretty even between the front two wheels.

If you want to hear all our thoughts on the Talon 1000X, make sure you watch the video review above.