Honda Won’t Sell The Talon Four Seater in Canada

2020 Honda Talon 1000X-4 FOX Live Valve

Honda Canada has decided that along with the 1000R model, the four seat Talon will also be restricted from Canadians.

The four seat Talon debuted not long after the standard two-seat model, and in today’s side-by-side market, it’s important to have a four seat version to compete. Polaris, Can-Am, Yamaha, and Kawasaki all have four-seat recreation models, though the RZR and Maverick X3 take things beyond recreation into sport, just like the Talon.

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For this reason, we don’t understand Honda’s decision, as all of its competitors sell the four seat models in Canada. But it seems that Honda is content leaving customers with the Pioneer 1000-5 as their best choice for a four seat Honda side-by-side.

The Talon itself is available in two flavors south of the border, the 64-inch wide 1000X and 68-inch wide 1000R. Honda also decided that Canadians will not get the wider R model, as its desert focus wouldn’t be put to good use on our tight treed trails.

The Talon 1000X, which we just reviewed, is an excellent side-by-side with fun driving dynamics, a great transmission and plenty of power, it’s just a shame that Honda won’t open up that experience to the entire family, at least in Canada.

Watch our full Talon 1000X review below.