Meet the Most Capable Mercedes Sprinter That Money Can Buy

The Mercedes Sprinter was made more capable when 4×4 arrived back in 2015, but if you get your Sprinter from Inglhaut, the four-wheel drive setup is totally unique.

That’s because this company starts with a two-wheel drive Sprinter and then adds all the hardware to have four-wheel drive with a true 50/50 power split sent through three locking differentials.

Thanks to Iglahuat being partnered with Mercedes-Benz, getting one of these conversions done will not void the warranty, though you do have to ship the van to Germany for the work to be done, which can take up to six months.

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The customer can choose what size tires they want and that is also incorporated into the planning of the four-wheel drive system, which is re-geared appropriately so that the Sprinter still drives properly on-road.

The powertrain remains stock, which means a six-cylinder turbodiesel is still providing motivation.

Iglhaut uses as many official Mercedes-Benz parts as possible when building one of these conversions, so you know that the part quality is all OEM-spec.

Make sure you watch the video above to learn everything about this badass off-road Sprinter.