The Black & Decker TTV is a Handy Machine for Any Job Site – Too Bad It’s Just a Patent!

Companies are constantly patenting new ideas to make sure they are protected for the future, and Black & Decker just protected a useful looking machine called the TTV (Total Task Vehicle).

Dug up by our friends over at, the patent shows a three-wheel electric vehicle that can be ridden like an ATV or be used as a walk behind vehicle to accomplish a number of tasks.

You can see many of the uses described in the chart below, with different attachments allowing the machine to be used as a cutter, auger, work bench, spreader and more. And since it’s electric, Black & Decker says that you can power tools and other electronics using the TTVs batteries.

Here’s a paragraph taken directly from the patent application, describing the TTV: “A total task vehicle (TTV) may operate indoors to move a variety of different types of materials and accomplish a variety of different types of tasks, using tools and accessories powered by/connected to the TTV. One or more high power density (HD) battery packs may provide both 240V DC to 380V DC and 120V AC power to propel the TTV and also to function as a generator for tools and accessories attached to the TTV. A high torque/high speed convertible drive system may allow the TTV to operate in a ride-on mode, a walk-behind mode, providing flexibility and adaptability in the use of the TTV.”

Like with all patents, we cannot predict if this product will ever come to market, though it’s clearly an interesting idea and looks to be a functional and helpful vehicle.