These are the Best and Cheapest Air Compressors That You Can Buy – Video

Having an air compressor around can be a handy thing if you’re into off-roading, for a variety of reasons.

When hitting a tough trail, you might want to air down your tires to gain more traction. That’s just one area where having a compressor around will improve your off-road experience, as you’ll eventually need to replace that air.

We went two common places to buy their cheapest compressor, so this essentially boils down to a comparison between Harbor Freight and Amazon.

Once you’re done airing back up though, there are plenty of other uses for a good compressor. You can use it to run tools to work on your rig, and even just use the straight blowing power to help you clean dirt and mud out of tough spots once you get home.

Make sure you watch the full video review above to see exactly which compressor is best.