Meet the 2020 Honda Foreman Rubicon ATV – Here’s Everything New!

For 2020 Honda has updated its biggest ATV with some new equipment, not the least of which is an engine with more displacement.

The 2020 Rubicon is now powered by a single-cylinder 518cc engine, earning it the name Honda Foreman Rubicon TRX520. Honda did this to add more power to the unit down low and in the mid range.

New steel racks on the front and back of the ATV are also standard for 2020 and work with the Honda Pro Connect accessory system. This is a quick disconnect setup which allows a multitude of items to be attached to the machine quickly and without tools.

The other major change is how reverse is selected on this Honda. For years, getting a Honda ATV into reverse has required you to shift from drive to neutral and then you could put it down into R. But now, Honda has designed a bypass switch that allows the unit to jump from drive straight to reverse and back gain, much like the rest of the competition.

Our Deluxe test model also has some new styling to show off. The green metallic paint job shimmers in the sun and is one part of why this has to be be called the nicest looking Honda Rubicon ever.

Make sure you watch the full walkaround video above to learn everything you need to know about this 2020 ATV.