The Mitsubishi Mi-Tech Concept Is The Stuff Of My Off-Roading Dreams

[Photos: Mitsubishi]

The Mitsubishi Mi-Tech Concept

Proving that there still is some creative life at Mitsubishi, the Mitsubishi Mi-Tech concept combines sci-fi with current technology. Basically, it’s a plug-in hybrid that performs off-road. At least, that’s the idea behind the concept.

Recently unveiled at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, the Mitsubishi Mi-Tech concept is an off-road Jeep-like design that focuses on future tech. Keep in mind, Mitsubishi has no plans to produce this vehicle. This is just a design exercise. Still, it’s possible that some of the design language could find its way into future Mitsubishi products.

Using turbine engines as generators, the Mitsubishi Mi-Tech concept can send power from the batteries to each wheel through two separate transfer cases.. The turbine engines are small and efficient with the ability to run on several combustable substances. Unfortunately, Mitsubishi does not build turbine engines for the automotive world at this time.

Mitsubishi Mi-Tech Concept
Photo: Mitsubishi

Sadly, it’s just a concept.

Take a gander at the design and you’ll see the awesome, yet useless doorless/topless design. It doesn’t look like it has provisions to add said roof and doors either. It looks like a future dune buggy – one that would have a hard time passing DOT safety requirements. Still, it certainly looks like a future Jeep challenger – right?

Mitsubishi Mi-Tech Conce

The painful component for me is: Mitsubishi has revolutionized 4WD and AWD systems in the past. They have wins in some of the most challenging off-road competitions on the planet. The Montero is still regarded as a top-notch SUV, despite it being removed from our market ages ago. Despite all of this, it’s doubtful that Mitsubishi will put their off-road expertise into anything we’ll see in our market.

Check out their slick little marketing video!

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