Ram Goes Off The Grid with SEMA Overland Build

Ram is rolling into the SEMA show with a couple of concept trucks, one of which is focused on the hottest buzzword in off-road right now: overlanding. 

This is the Off-The Grid Concept, otherwise known as the OTG concept. The essentials are as follows: this is a 2020 Ram 1500 Rebel powered by a 3.0-liter V6 EcoDiesel engine, dressed up with concept Mopar accessories to make it better on the trail, and under the lights of the SEMA Show. 

The equipment added includes a two-inch lift, beadlock wheels, 35-inch Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tires, a unique grille, a big snorkel up front, and a new front bumper with an integrated winch. Rock rails that double as steps are fitted for protection and convenience, while the rear bumper is lifted from the Tradesmen for the best possible departure angle, the same reason why the rear exhaust has been moved. 

The bed is where most of the overloading gear comes into play. A bed rack allows for a rootop tent to be attached and for all of the camping essentials to be packed in, including a battery-powered cooler, a kitchen unit with a gas-powered stove and an on-board water system that runs a sink. An external rack above the cab allows for additional storage for tools and equipment. 

One of the tricks in the back of this truck is a solar panel set, ready to generate electricity anywhere. A hide-away bed step in the rear is still just a concept according to Ram, though this is one of the features here that could definitely make it to production. 

An on-board air compressor is also attached in the bed. 

LED lighting is fit into the front bumper, rear bumper and onto the bed rack for being at a camp for the night. 

Finally, the truck is finished in Mojave Sand with a Rebel hood graphic and some unique touches on the inside. 

As always, these SEMA concept vehicles are not destined for production, but rather, allow Ram and Mopar to gage consumer reaction to new styles and accessories. So if you like what you see, make sure you sound off in the comments below because Ram will be watching!

And if you happen to be at SEMA in Las Vegas this year, don’t forget to go visit Nathan and Andre with the Ram Rebel Rouser, TFL’s latest off-road project.