This Rivian Rendering Looks Like A Production-Ready Rally Car

[Images: Rivian Forums]

Could this be Rivian’s next model?

These renderings of a Rivian crossover were published on Rivian Forums and they look pretty snazzy. What you’re looking at is not only a concept or a simple rendering, it may point in the direction of Rivian’s third vehicle. This vehicle could follow the R1T pickup truck and R1S SUV.

According to Autocar, “Rivian founder and CEO RJ Scaringe said that the model to follow its initial R1T pickup truck and R1S SUV would be ‘bananas’ in the way it performed.” Scaringe was quoted as saying: “The third vehicle will have a smaller wheelbase [than the R1S SUV] and will be the Rivian interpretation of a rally car with a lot of ground clearance.” The article goes on to further call it a “rally-raid style performance car.”

Rendering: Rivian Forums

Lots of rumors

There have been several reports of a third, smaller platform floating around the Rivian production facility. It was said to look more like a conventional vehicle with a hint of Tesla Model X in the roofline. These renderings, along with the past quotes lend credence to this rendering.

This Rivian Crossover definitely has a BMW X6 feel to it.

Lots of insiders see Rivian taking on Tesla and a smaller crossover like this hits a sweet spot. It could compete directly against the Model X and Model Y. Unlike the Tesla Model X, this Rivian Crossover concept could be off-road capable.

Does it make sense?

If American consumers are not interested in pickup trucks, they are buying crossovers in massive numbers. The idea of a Rivian crossover like this makes a lot of sense. I suspect they will tone down the rally-raid styling for mass consumption if they put this into production.

We have yet to see (or sample) a production-ready product from Rivian. In time, we’ll see if Rivian can handle mass production. Production is supposed to start soon for their pickup truck and SUV. If that’s successful, then maybe we’ll see more products like this crossover.

In the meantime, here’s the most off-road worthy vehicle Tesla makes. It hurts to watch.

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