Tour the Toyota Land Cruiser Museum With Us – Video

The Toyota Land Cruiser has a long history in the USA, but many of these already rare Toyota models never made it to our shores.

We focused on those models during our recent tour of the Land Cruiser museum in Salt Lake City, Utah. And not surprisingly, most of the forbidden Land Cruiser models are powered by diesel engines.

The 2015 Land Cruiser 70 Series 30th Anniversary Edition is a beautiful example of a rare Toyota off-road machine. It celebrates the 30th year of 70 Series production and comes with a 4.0-liter inline six-cylinder gasoline engine and a manual transmission. Front and rear lockers along with a factory-installed winch complete the upgrades.

We also got to checkout the Toyota Mega Cruiser, a military vehicle used by the Japanese as a transporter. Thousands were built for the military, but just a few hundred were ever sold for civilian use, making them exceptionally rare.

You’ll have to watch the above video for yourself to see how well all of these Land Cruisers have been kept.