2020 Honda Foreman Rubicon TRX520 Review

For 2020 Honda has added power to its largest ATV, though it’s not exactly what people have been asking for.

The ATV has an extra 43cc of displacement and more of a focus on low- and mid-range power, offering more torque in slow speed situations making climbing and hauling that much easier.

We took the TRX520 out into the forest and made our own trail, including hopping logs, rock piles and plenty of dead brush. Those are the types of situations where the low-end power boost is really appreciated, allowing you to hop up and over with ease.

Our Premium model came equipped with the dual-clutch automatic transmission, offering shift control with your right hand that allows you to skip through your own gears. This allows the rider tons of control over the unit when out trail riding, and that’s another area that Honda made easier for 2020.

You can now jump directly from drive to reverse without the need of going through neutral, which is the way Honda ATV transmissions have worked for years. A red bypass switch on the left handlebar being pulled along with a downshift from first sticks the machine directly into a reverse, a feature that makes it ideal for picking through tight slow trails that require plenty of reversing.

More storage has been added to the ATV as well, which has a nice at hand storage bin on the left front fender along with a new storage cubby built into the center of the front racks. Those racks are still steel and now incorporate quick disconnect slots for Honda Pro rack system.

Make sure you watch the full video review above to see exactly how this machines performs with these updates for 2020.