Hybrid and Full-Electric Jeeps are On the Horizon – Are You Excited?

2020 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Jeep is pushing ahead with electric vehicles and hybrids, with the first electrified models due in 2021.

Jeep recently confirmed that construction is underway at the unused Mack Avenue Assembly plant so the brand can built more vehicles. The $1.6 billion upgrade is supposed to be done by early 2020, at which time Jeep will begin tooling up for the new Grand Wagoneer, a three-row SUV to compete with high-dollar SUVs from Cadillac, Lincoln and more.

The plant will be one of three in Michigan that will produce plug-in hybrid Jeeps, with the capacity to produce fully electric models coming online by 2021.

At least four plug-in hybrid vehicles will come from Jeep, including the Renegade, Compass, Wrangler and likely that new three-row SUV.

The question the off-road crowd has to ask is, do we really want electric power in our vehicles? Batteries add weight and there’s no where to charge up on the trail go the common complaints about electric off-road machines, although on the plus side electric motors offer peak torque right off the line and with in-wheel motors the four-wheel drive possibilities are endless and don’t require driveshafts that can be damaged or snap.

How do you feel about and all-electric or plug-in hybrid Wrangler? Let us know in the comments below your thoughts.

[Source: Motor Trend]