Jeep Closer to Stopping US Roxor Sales, Redesigned Model Coming

Jeep is still working through a lawsuit to stop Mahindra from selling its small Jeep clones in the U.S. and it just got one step closer to being successful.

Administrative Law Judge Cameron Elliot has determined that the Roxor does in fact violate Jeep’s trade dress and has recommended that the United States International Trade Commission step in and order a stop sale on Roxors.

The “trade dress” being discussed here consists of six individual features that Jeep claims defines its styling, such as exterior hood latches, a boxy shape with flat fenders, the multi-slat grille and more.

“FCA US is pleased that an Administrative Law Judge at the United States International Trade Commission has found that the Mahindra Roxor vehicle infringes the iconic trade dress of the Jeep brand,” reads a statement from the brand. “FCA US believes the evidence and relevant law all strongly support the ALJ’s determination that Mahindra has engaged in unfair trade practices, and that Mahindra’s infringement was harming or likely to harm the Jeep brand and FCA US.”

The next step will be taking the ruling to the USITC for final confirmation, at which point Jeep expects Roxor sales to end on March 13, 2020.

All of this might be too little too late though, as Mahindra already has an updated 2020 model planned with an all-new front end design. According to AutocarIndia, Mahindra is planning to roll out the new model soon, likely hoping that it will solve its problems with Jeep. The updated model is also said to include a more aggressive rear end ratio to help get more power to the ground.