Meet the 2020 Can-Am Outlander MAX XT 850 – Video

For 2019 the Can-Am Outlander ATV underwent some big changes to make the machine better than ever.

We hit the trail in a 2020 Can-Am Outlander MAX XT 850 to feel the changes, and the stability of this machine is readily apparent. Now sitting at 48-inches wide and with sway bars in the front and rear, the cornering ability of this unit is impeccable as it stays glued to the ground on all four corners.

Opting for the MAX model stretches the wheelbase out to 59-inches, another reason for the stable feeling, and going a long way to keeping this machine smooth out on the trail.

There are three powertrains available for the Outlander MAX XT, with the 850 being the middle of the road option, offering 78 horsepower. Opting for the 1000R model brings along 91 hp, while the base 650 is good for 62 hp. With the 850, power is ready to be used at all times, with plenty of pull off the line.

The Outlander now uses Can-Am’s ITC (intelligent throttle control) system, which eliminates the throttle cable and replaces it with a wireless system. This allows the brand to offer Work and Sport mode, which changes the throttle response to give you the type of power you want for a given situation.

Getting onto the back of the Outlander MAX is simple enough with plenty of riding space for a full size adult. The bolstering of the backrest also helps to stick the passenger into place.

To find out more about the Outlander MAX XT 850, watch the full video introduction above.