Segway Reveals Hybrid ATV & Side-by-Side Lineup – Yes, ‘That’ Segway

Segway, the brand famous for small two-wheel mobility machines, is now officially in the powersports game.

Revealed at the EICMA show in Italy, Segway has four new vehicles joining the powersports world: the Snarler ATV, work-focused Fugelman UTV, sport-focused Villain UTV and the new Dirt eBike. Each one is available in a number of different models, but all have one thing in common: a hybrid option.

Segway Villain

The Villain is aimed squarely at the sport side-by-side segment and comes with the numbers to match. It offers two powertrain options, both of which use a 1000cc, four-stroke twin DOHC engine. The gas-only option produces 107 horsepower and 72 lb-ft of torque, while adding the hybrid aspect pumps up the power output to 181 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque.

Most of the other specs are the same between the two models, save for the weight. The hybrid has a dry weight of 1936 pounds while without the added batteries weight measures in at 1694 pounds.

Now for all the common numbers between the two models. Tires measure in at 29-inches, while the suspension setup is the typical dual A-arms in the front and multi-link trailing arm in the rear, offering 15.6-inches of travel up front and 16.7-inches in the rear.

Ground clearance is a full 14.2-inches while the wheelbase comes in pretty long at 102.4-inches. An automatic locker comes on all models for the front axle while a rear differential locker is optional.

Two different width options will be offered as well, allowing you to get either a 64.1-inch model or a 72.8-inch model. Overall length comes in at 131.1-inches and height measure in at 66.5.

Three different drive modes are offered as well for the electronic power steering: standard, comfort and sport.

Segway Fugleman

The Fugleman is Segway’s entrant into the utility side-by-side space, and just like the Villain, has both gas-only and hybrid models.

Three different flavours are available for the Fugleman, starting with the 570UH, using the 570cc four-stroke single paired with an electric motor to make 86 horsepower and 70 lb-ft of torque. Move up to the 1000UF and you get a gas-only model that uses the 1000cc engine producing 107 hp and 72 lb-ft of torque. Finally the most powerful combination is once again the 1000cc engine with the hybrid setup, producing 181 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque.

Suspension on these models offers 11 inches of travel front and back, and it uses dual A-arms at both ends as well. Four-wheel drive can be activated on demand, and just like the Villain, a front differential locker is standard while the rear diff lock can be had. 13.8-inches of ground clearance is offered on every model, just like a set of 27-inch tires.

Weights and capacities differ for each model, with curb weights coming in at 1650 pounds for the 570UH, 1870 pounds for the 1000UH and 1684 for the 1000UF. Both the 570UH hybrid and the 1000UH hybrid can haul up to 1227 pounds of payload total, with 550 pounds rated for the bed box. Go for the 1000UF and you can only handle 748 pounds total and 308 pounds in the bed.

Oddly, towing capability is marked as N/A by Segway, which could mean that there is no hitch at all.

Three different modes are available here as well for the power steering.

Segway Snarler

The Snarler is Segway’s entrant into the world of ATVs and it can be had in four different flavors: the 570AH hybrid, 570AF S, 570AF L, and the 1000AF.

The only hybrid powerplant available for the ATV is the 570AH making 86 hp and 70 lb-ft of torque, while both the 570 AF S and 570AF L make due with 46 hp and 36 lb-ft of torque. The big papa of this bunch is the 1000AF, making 107 hp and 72 lb-ft.

Much the same recipe is taken for the ATV as the side-by-sides with a front auto locker as standard equipment and a rear locker optional. Dual A-arms are offered all around though the suspension is different on the 1000cc model, offering 7.9- and 9.2-inches of travel front and rear respectively over the standard versions which have 7-inches in the front and 8.3 in the back.

Dimensions for the Snarler measure up at 84.6-inches long and 60.6-inches tall, though the width differs slightly by model with the 1000AF sitting at 50.4-inches while the other models are 49.2-inches wide.

Three different wheelbases are also offered here, starting with 51.2-inches of the Snarler AF S, moving up to 57.1-inches for the AF L and 570AH and ending with a 58.6-inch wheelbase for the 1000AF. The shorter S model is also the only one of the pack to only have a single seat, while the other two both have a two-up configuration.

This also means that weight is different for every model, with the hybrid carrying a dry weight of 1012 pounds. The short AF S model tips the scales at just 792 pounds, the AF L comes in at 847 pounds and the 1000AF weight 979 pounds.

Payload capacity is 594 pounds on all models except the AF S, which can take 429 pounds. Rack capacity is standard across the board with the front able to handle 88 lbs and the rear ready for 176 lbs.