Your Side-by-Side FOX Shocks Keep Improving with iQS – Quick Switch (Video)

Change your Fox 2.0 shocks setting without getting out.


Fox 2.0 shocks allow for several options

Andre has a chance to learn about the Fox 2.0 shocks, accessories, applications and the beefier 2.5 shocks during the 2019 SEMA show (see video below). Fox one of the preeminent suspension builders out there. Fox products are used on some of the top off-road factory vehicles out there. We jumped at the chance to grab a video interview.

One of the interesting offerings is the Fox 2.0 shocks, given their universal adaptability and accessories. You can opt to add a reservoir or keep it simple, both setups allow for user flexibility. By using the reservoir, Fox shocks 2.0 gains around 30-percent more oil. It also increases its ability to handle heat.

Fox 2.0 shocks with reservoir

One of the most noteworthy additions you get when you opt for the external reservoir is the low speed compression adjuster. This dial-controlled component allows the operator to dial in stiffness. You can dial in 100% extra compression, on top of the pressure already set in the shock.

Steering stabilizer

They also have a Fox steering “pass-through” stabilizer with a two-inch body.

There’s some Jeep love too.

Jeep fans will be very interested in the IQS electrically adjustable suspension system. The iQS is built strictly for the Jeep JK and it allows for three settings that can be triggered from inside the cab. The iQS will also soon come to side-by-side machines like the Can-Am Maverick X3. You can set it for soft (off-road) medium (on-road) and firm (on-road performance).

Factory Race Series Coil-over Reservoir shocks

One of the most notable items for TFLoffroad and TFLtruck was the beefy Fox 2.5 shock series. These are bigger, beefier versions of the Fox 2.0 shocks and are more extreme in every way. Many of the 2.5 components can be used with the Jeep JL and customized off-road rigs.

There’s a lot more featured in the video including the $120,000 Ford Shelby Raptor. Watch the video!

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