Baja Bob the Lifted Beetle Meets the Moab Mud – Video

Though our lifted New Beetle, better known as Baja Bob, has already seen plenty of road miles, we finally got the chance to hit the mud with our little off-road project.

We took this 2000 Beetle to Moab, the mecca of off-roading, to find out how far a two-inch lift and a set of 28-inch BFGoodrich K02 tires really goes. Our particular little Beetle gets its motivation from a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine making 115 horsepower when it was brand new.

With front-wheel drive and an open differential, Baja Bob is not exactly the archetypal off-road machine, but we found out that a good of tires can overcome those components.

As we charged up the muddy and snowy trail, the front tires were spinning to find traction but had enough bite to carry our little 3,700-pound Bug up the trail. Ditches and articulation moments were met with hesitation ad more spinning rubber from the Bug, making this a momentum machine. As long as the speeds stayed up, there was nothing that stood in our way that could stop Bob.

Bob’s automatic transmission also helped out, allowing us to stick it in first gear and try and keep torque to the wheels up at all times.

To see for yourself exactly how Bob handled our simple Moab trail, you’ll have to watch the full video above.