Can-Am is Working on a Four-Wheel Steering System for the Maverick

New patent applications filed by Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) suggest that four-wheel steering could be the latest innovation to come from the Canadian company.

Uncovered by, the patents filed by BRP show a Can-Am Maverick X3 with a system that can also steer the rear wheels. You can see the original patents here.

Can-Am describes the system: “The steering system includes a front steering assembly for steering the front wheels and a rear steering assembly for steering the rear wheels. The front steering assembly includes a user-operated steering input device. The rear steering assembly includes an actuator operatively connected to the rear wheels and operable to modify a steering angle therof. The actuator is mounted to the frame and is disposed completely rearward of the rear differential.”

Like four-wheel steering on road-going vehicles, the steering angle of the rear wheels will not be driver selectable in this system. An ECU will have to be programmed to choose the steering angle in the rear based on the driver’s inputs.

Four-wheel steering can help with high-speed handling and stability along with slow-speed maneuverability and control.

Like all patent filings, this is just an idea for now, so there are no guarantees that this will end up on a production machine. But adding this to an off-road beast like the Maverick X3 could no doubt be a huge help when tackling the tough trails.