Here’s Why I Bought a 2015 Ski-Doo Grand Touring 1200 – Video

The snowmobile season is upon us and this year we’ve made a new purchase here at TFLOffroad that will keep us playing in the powder.

Meet the 2015 Ski-Doo Grand Touring LE 1200 4-Tec, a four-stroke powered touring snowmobile that’s ready to haul two people in total comfort down the trail.

This is definitely a big sled, measuring in at 10.58 feet long and 47.9-inches wide. Curb weight is 609 pounds dry, so this is certainly not a little lightweight powder sled.

Power from Ski-Doo’s four-stroke is considerable at 130 horsepower and most importantly, torque delivery starts low and comes on strong. With 13-inches of suspension travel in the rear end, this big comfy sled soaks up the trail beneath it.

And although it’s not meant for aggressive riding, the REV platform allows you to have a rider-forward position, keeping your weight up on the skis to ensure that throwing your body into a corner will keep things nice, flat and controlled.

A good sized storage space at the rear of the GT is also a convenient spot for stashing extra cargo and even a fuel caddy for being sure you won’t run out of juice on the trail.

Our Grand Touring has 9000 kms on it, so although it is high mileage, it seems that most of these four-stroke models are designed to last a lot longer than that. Check back to for an update on reliability and maintenance.