How to Load an ATV into a Pickup Truck without Crashing – Video

Owning an ATV and a pickup truck is a perfect match, but unless you want to end up as a blooper on YouTube, you’ll want to be sure on the safest way to load your machine.

First off, you need a good set of ramps that come from an accredited source, not just from Joe down the block. Next you’ll want to be sure that your machine will fit in your bed. In our example, we used a long wheelbase two-up ATV and a short bed pickup, not the ideal combination but it still worked, as long as the tailgate of the truck is left down.

Set up your ramps on the edge of your tailgate and pull your ATV into position, allowing you to use the wheels to properly line up. Once your ramps are in place, you will need a strap for each ramp, preferably a ratchet strap for a tight hold.

Hook the strap somewhere near the middle of the ramp, and the other end to the safety chain hookup on the back end of the truck. Tighten the strap until the ramp is being tugged straight down, enough so that it feels snug against the truck.

Now you’re ready to ride into the bed. Put your ATV in 4×4 and low-range to make sure you can be slow and smooth as possible. A steady right hand is the name of the game. You want to apply just enough throttle to get you up the ramp confidently and safely, but not too much to make sure you don’t crash into the back of your own pickup.

Wearing a helmet during this part of the process is advised, as loading an ATV can be dangerous.

If you want to watch this entire process, make sure you watch the video above.