Sherp The Ark Makes an Impressive Off-Roader Into an Unstoppable Mobile Command Center

We all know that the Sherp is one of the most capable off-road machines on the market today, with little to no direct competition. And just in case it wasn’t enough, the company is back with an overlanders dream: Sherp The Ark.

The Ark adds a massive towable behind the Sherp, but this isn’t jut a trailer. All six wheels back there are also driven, turning this monster into a 10×10 that can be used for myriad situations. A personnell carrier, portable hospital, portable dwelling or a cargo carrier are just some of the things that Sherp the Ark can be used for.

Each individual wheel in the trailer can be driven or not based as the flip of a switch, while the front four wheels can also be disconnected, using the trailer as a pusher from behind for propulsion.

Rather than the skid steering system of the standard Sherp, The Ark uses a three-axis steering system which can raise and lower the tractor’s front end, allowing this monster to tackle obstacles up to 5 feet tall. Payload capacity for this rig registers at 7500 lbs while top speed maxes out at 18.6 mph.

Power for Sherp The Ark comes from a Doosan 2.4-liter four-cylinder diesel engine with 74 horsepower and 206 lb-ft of torque. Fuel capacity is ridiculous at 213 gallons, good for 82 hours of operation according to the company.

This machine will not only be great at providing support to remote regions, but also for the overlander who wants to get out into the wilderness for long periods of time.

Check out the video below showing this machine in action.