The 2020 Dakar Rally is Underway – Watch Stage 1 Highlights

The first edition of the Dakar Rally to take place in Saudi Arabia is underway and the highlights from stage 1 are in.

A rule change this year left many racers lost in the desert, and directions and waypoints were not handed out until an hour before the race to keep things fair between amateur racers and the pro teams.

Through one stage, Giniel De Villiers is leading the cars in his Toyota pickup truck, Contardo is leading the side-by-sides in a Can-Am, Siarhei Viazovich took the quickest time in the big trucks, Casale leads the ATVs and Ross Branch was the quickest rider on a bike.

You can follow the race results on the official Dakar website.

This run, from Jeddah to Al-Wajh, includes 319 kms of off-road racing and 433 kms of on-road navigation.

Take a look at the highlight videos below to see all the action from the first day of the Dakar Rally.