The 2021 GMC Yukon AT4 Packs Hurricane Turn, Air Suspension

The 2021 GMC Yukon was revealed shortly after the new Chevy Tahoe, and just like its brother in a bowtie, the Yukon comes with an off-road model.

The new Yukon AT4 is the first ever off-road focused version of the big SUV, and it comes with plenty of new trail-ready equipment. Air suspension, magnetic ride control, skid plates, all-terrain tires and a unique front fascia helping to net a 32-degree approach angle are all part of the AT4 package.

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Unique looks also arrive for the SUV thanks to 20-inch wheels, dark chrome accents and red tow hooks. A full 360-degree camera system with a number of different views is ready to help you off-road as well.

The Yukon has a brand new unique system as well, the “Hurricane Turn.” When the wheel is cranked and throttle applied in the new Yukon, the SUV will brake the inside wheels hard enough to create a pivot point, allowing the SUV to essentially spin in place.

GMC isn’t actively promoting the feature and admits that it wasn’t a goal of engineers, rather is came about through precise calibration work to help the big SUV handle.

We can’t wait to get our hands on the new GM off-road SUV models and truly put them to the test. To see the new SUV, watch the video above.