The Rivian R1T’s Tank Turns Will be an Amazing Off-Road Tool

Rivian has released another detail on its upcoming all-electric pickup truck and the new “tank turn” feature will be an amazing help when off-road.

Thanks to four electric motors, one at each wheel, the R1T is able to have precise control over the power at each wheel, enabling full 360-degree turns in place. Simply rotate the passenger-side wheels forwards and the driver-side set backwards and voila, tank turn.

For positioning the vehicle in the tightest of parking structures, this feature will be helpful, be we think that off-road will definitely see the biggest benefit from it. Imagine being halfway up a trail and deciding your line is all wrong. A slight turn in place points your nose in an entirely new direction, and you continue on your way.

While not a new idea per se, the tank turn being brought to a consumer vehicle is a really neat idea, and it takes advantage of its quad-motor setup perfectly.

Watch the video below to see the tank turns in action.