2020 Sea-Doo GTI 130 vs 170: We Compare Top Speeds, Acceleration, Value and More!

Sea-Doo has redesigned a host of new models for 2020, the most important of which is the brand’s GTI.

The GTI is the entry into Sea-Doo’s full size models, which means it brings the most value to buyers pairing less powerful engines with lots of features. Opting for the 130 brings 130 horsepower, while going for the 170 brings that much more power. Besides that, these models are the same, both using a naturally aspirated 1630cc engine that runs on 87 octane fuel.

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New for 2020 is the Polytec2 hull, ditching fiberglass in favour of reinforced plastic. This is advantageous as it weighs less, is scratch resistant and can be fully replaced if it is damaged. The downside is that fixing small holes will be tougher than just using a patch kit like you could on fiber glass.

As for performance, the new hull seems to also help with handling, as the center of gravity on the entire machine has been moved lower. Throw the GTI into a turn and it sticks quite well, tucking in with a moderate amount of bite. A throttle by wire system allows for three drive modes on the GTI model, ECO to save fuel, touring for regular riding and Sport for maximum acceleration.

Going for the 170 over the 130 gets you 20 percent more power for getting up and out of the water, although both of these machines jump out of the water with some authority.

What this decision comes down to is price. The GTI 130 SE starts at $10,799 in the US, while adding the extra power of the 170 brings the price up by $600.

If I had to make the choice, I would live with the 130, as opting for the extra power really doesn’t bring that much of a performance boost, but if you are a speed junkie, luckily it’s only $600 to go for the bigger engine.

For even more info and a firsthand look at both models, watch the video comparison embedded above.