2020 Sea-Doo Wake 170 Review: Best Way to Tow Your Friends?

Sea-Doo knows that life on the water is better with friends and that is exactly what the Wake model is all about.

The Wake arrives standard with features meant for tow sports, including an adjustable towing tower for the rope to attach to, a wakeboard holder that securely transports your board and Ski Mode, a drive mode setup just for tow sports.

Put the Wake into Ski Mode and you are able to control two separate aspects of it, the ramp and the top speed. The latter is self explanatory, while the ramp refers to the amount of thrust the machine will use to get up out of the water. Set the Wake at ramp one and it will slowly emerge from the water and get up on plane, while ramp five will apply much more thrust, getting the Sea-Doo up and on plane quickly.

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When using ski mode, you simply squeeze the throttle to the bar and the on-board computer does the rest, allowing your hand to stay in a comfortable position. This system is enabled thanks to intelligent throttle control (ITC) which is a throttle by wire system that allows the ECU to control all of these parameters.

It also allows the Wake, like all other Sea-Doo models, to have both Sport and Eco modes, and with 170 horsepower, this machine is no slouch on the water, jumping up and out with authority in Sport mode.

To watch the Wake 170 in action with someone being towed behind it you’ll have to watch the video above.