Bigger Than Ever! There Is a ‘New SHERP’ All Terrain Amphibious Vehicle Grows Up (News)

Is bigger really better?

You may have heard of the amphibious SHERP or SHERP PRO all-terrain vehicle before. Now, there is a ‘NEW SHERP” in town. It’s bigger in nearly every way and has more room and capability than ever. Check it out!


photo: SHERP

Sherp says the new model is a completely new design. The company says the cabin is 30% larger, the overall interior volume is 50% bigger than the original model, and it’s now rising on more massive 72-inch tall paddle-style all-terrain tires.

The NEW SHERP is 156 inches long, 112 inches tall, and 99.2 inches wide. The payload capacity is 2,200 lbs, which is about the same as before. It can hold a driver plus 9 passengers (10 people). The NEW SHERP can be configured for 6 people with three rows of forward-facing seats, or two front facing seats up front and two side benches for the maximum 10 person capacity.

photo: SHERP

The new engine is a Doosan D18 1.8-liter which is Stage 5 / Tier-4 emissions compliant. The maximum ground speed is 25 MPH, and the top on-water speed is 3.7 mph.

The vehicle warranty period is now doubled to 1-year or 2,000 engine/work hours. New engine warranty is up to 3-years or 3,000 engine hours.

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