The GMC Hummer EV is Coming: Will it Live Up to the Hummer Badge?

GMC has officially teased its new Hummer EV pickup truck, but we still don’t know exactly what to expect.

Only three specs have been revealed by GMC so far, those being 1000 horsepower, 11,500 lb-ft of torque and a 0 to 60 mph run in three seconds. Besides that we’re not sure what the GMC Hummer EV will be all about, but looking at the competition and the history of the brand might shed some clues.

We also have a set of renderings put together by showing what the new truck could look like. This is a marriage of the teaser photo and a Chevy Silverado HD, giving us an idea as to what the GM all-electric pickup could look like.

If it is looking to take on the Tesla Cybertruck, the new Hummer will have some big numbers to hit. Tesla has already announced that its truck will have up to 16-inches of ground clearance thanks to air suspension, a 35 degree approach angle and a departure of 28 degrees.

And if it wants to uphold its off-road roots, it has even bigger shoes to fill than that. The Hummer H2 managed an approach angle of 42 degrees and a departure of 37 degrees, extremely impressive numbers and still not quite as good as the original H1.

If we had to guess here at TFLOffroad, we’d put our money on around 10-inches of ground clearance and an approach angle around 35 degrees for the new truck. But for now, that is just speculation.

The only other info we have is that the new GMC Hummer EV will be built in Hamtramck, Michigan and will be fully revealed on May 20, 2020.

Make sure you come back to website in May to too exactly what GMC is cooking up.

[Render source: Inside EVs]