The Kubota X Tractor Concept is a Futuristic Robot Farmer

Kubota has rolled out a concept tractor, showing what the brand thinks will be important to farmers in the future.

The X tractor is packed with artificial intelligence and an electric powertrain to allow it to farm all by itself. For instance, the X tractor will monitor weather data, growth rates and more to decide an appropriate time to take action.

Kubota sees a future where all equipment on the farm is linked by AI, which means that the data obtained by one tractor can instantly be shared between a fleet of tractors to make sure the operation remains efficient.

For traction, Kubota has decided to go with large rubber tracks, helping to float over wet paddies and cross uneven terrain. The tractor can then lower or raise its overall height based on the needs of the terrain and the task at hand.

Four in-wheel electric motors power this concept, allowing the X tractor to make 360-degree turns right on the spot.

Autonomous technology has already made its way into the farming world, and Kubota says its necessary as farmers are aging and there are less young people stepping up to help on the farm. It will be interesting to watch and see exactly what this tractor becomes.