The Nikola Badger Brings a Hydrogen Fuel Cell to the EV Pickup Truck Fight

There is yet another horse in the electric pickup truck race and its coming from Nikola.

The brand that has already developed an all-electric side-by-side and semi truck, Nikola has now released the Badger pickup truck and it will hit the market in September of 2020.

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Like most announced EV pickups, the Badger has some pretty incredible numbers. Horsepower totals 906 while torque is rated at 980 lb-ft of torque, making the truck capable of a 2.9 second jump to from 0 to 60 mph.

But what is perhaps most interesting is the availability of a hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain that adds an additional 300 miles of driving range onto the battery-electric truck’s 300 miles. Base versions of the truck will just have batteries, while upgrading will get you the hydrogen setup.

Tow capacity is pegged at 8000 pounds for the truck, a respectable number though not close to being class leading. Off-road ability has not been announced in any quantifiable way, though it’s clear from the way the Badger looks that it has been built with off-roading in mind.

Along with the pickup truck announcement, Nikola says that it is already setting up construction of 700 hydrogen fuelling stations with plans to announce locations soon.