2020 Sea-Doo GTR 230 Review – Top Speed Run (Video)

Sea-Doo has redesigned several models for 2020, the quickest of which is the new GTR 230.

The GTR 230 is the entry level of Sea-Doo’s performance lineup, offering entry into the world of supercharged Personal Watercraft. With the new Polytec 2 hull, the GTR sits on the same platform at the GTI entry level touring model, offering some advantages and disadvantages.

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Using this reinforced plastic hull allows Sea-Doo to cut weight and for the entire hull to be replaced after a puncture, something you couldn’t do with fiberglass. On the flip side, this is not an ultra aggressive hull, so though Sea-Doo calls this a performance model, it doesn’t dig into tight turns quite like some of the other more expensive performance models do.

But when it comes to power, this machine has plenty of it, shooting out of the water in Sport model and taking off with force in touring. Eco mode is available if you want to save fuel, a nice option enabled by Sea-Doo’s drive-by-wire throttle.

More storage is included for 2020 thanks to the new hull design, with a convenient watertight storage for you cell phone directly in front of the rider.

For more information and to see the Sea-Doo GTR 230 in action, watch the video above.