Are New Truck Really Better Than Old Trucks? Come Drive With Me and Let’s Figure it Out

The need for everyone to stay home during the COVID-19 epidemic can certainly cause some stir craziness, and we’re looking to help you solve that here at TFL.

One of our favorite activities in the world is going for a drive with nowhere in particular to go, and in the face of this virus, it seems like a safe choice for getting outside.

So we took Big Green, our 1985 Chevy K10, and headed for the countryside. For those of you who might be in forced quarantine, hopefully you can enjoy some of the scenery with us.

We don’t want to focus on COVID-19 here at TFL, so keeping content flowing that discusses trucks and off-road vehicles is our priority, and that’s what we’re working to do. Moving forward, we’ll work to bring you the best vehicle reviews of cars and trucks that exist in our fleet, and like you see in this video, we’ll have plenty of conversations that analyze and discuss the off-road and truck world.

In this video, we decided to discuss old trucks versus their new counterparts, and whether or not new pickups are truly better.

So watch the video above and make sure you weigh in with your opinion.