Ask TFL: Kawasaki Mule Pro-MX vs Honda Pioneer 700

Choosing the right vehicle is always tricky as you don’t want to lay your money on the line for something that doesn’t work for you.

That’s why we do our best here at TFL to inform buyers before they purchase, and today, we’re looking at a couple of utility side-by-sides. The question comes from Jim:

Presently I have a cub cadet challenger 700 that I plow lots of snow with I use a 66 inch pusher plow. Works great but it is getting tired. Looking at the mule mx 700. I also do light trail riding too old to play in the mud. Lol. Watched your review several times. Well done. My ask is do you think or feel the mule would be a better machine for my needs. That said all my toys are washed waxed and maintained greatly. Plus parked inside all the time. 700 cc motor is fine for me. No longer enjoy speed. Longevity and reliability are key to me. Also like the Honda pioneer 700. But stuck on the Kawasaki.  Your thoughts would be welcomed greatly. Cheers for now.

The Mule Pro MX does seem to fit right into the sweet spot for you, being able to wield a plow but also have a little fun on the trail. The 695cc engine has plenty of power for both applications, feeling stout with 42 lb-ft of torque. Bed load capacity for the MX is 700 pounds and towing capacity is rated at 1500 pounds.

Lets look at the Honda now, to see how it compares. The powerplant is also a single cylinder engine, though the Honda is a little smaller at 675cc. Its power is sent through a proper geared transmission, unlike the Kawasaki’s CVT. This will fundamentally change how they drive, with the transmission actually being preferable for plowing in my opinion because you can lock it into a low gear to keep the torque up.

The Honda also has a 1000-pound bed load capacity, though tow ratings are identical at 1500 pounds.

One of the most important factors here though is curb weight. For plowing, you actually want a slightly heavier vehicle, and the Kawasaki takes that crown. Curb weight on the Pro MX is 1594 pounds, while the Honda weighs in at 1283 pounds.

That might make the Honda a little more nimble on the trails, but it won’t pay off when it comes time to move the snow.

Finally, what do they cost? As Jim is Canadian, we’re looking at Canadian dollars here. The 2020 Pioneer 700 starts at $15,899, while opting for the Kawasaki will save you a few bucks, with a starting price of $14,699.

Looking at all of that, I’d say the Mule is exactly what you’re looking for! Happy plowing Jim.