Ford is Applying to Trademark Wolftrak – Is it for the Bronco Sport?

Bronco Sport images: TFLcar

A Ford Bronco Sport Wolftrak Edition?

Ford Motor Company filed the application with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) earlier in March 2020 to trademark the name Wolftrak. There is no mention on which vehicle this name would be connected to.

The name Wildtrak is connected to an overseas version of the Ford Ranger. Some speculate that being that the Ranger and Bronco share the same platform, this name might apply. With that being said, there is no confirmation from Ford that the Bronco will be sold outside of North America.

What about the Bronco Sport?

The upcoming Ford Bronco Sport is completely different than the Bronco in size, platform and mission. The Sport is based on the Ford Escape platform and is an all-wheel drive (AWD) crossover, not a truck-based SUV like the Bronco.

You can read more about the Bronco Sport (here).

Still, the Bronco Sport will appeal to folks who want the more rugged image of the beefy Bronco while having the daily sensibilities of a crossover. The Bronco Sport is rumored to be slated for overseas sales. If this is the case, it’s possible that it could be a contender for the Wolftrak edition.

If this edition is anything like the Wildtrak edition of the Ranger, it will be a trim package that slots under the top of the line trim like an XLT. It could be a off-road package as well. It’s hard to say.

At this moment, EUIPO has yet to grant the trademark to Ford.

[Source: New F150 Forum]

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