McMillin Takes the Win at the 2020 Mint 400

The 2020 Mint 400 is in the record books and Luke McMillin came away with the win in the Trophy Truck class.

Flat tires proved to be the deciding factor, and fewer for McMillin than runners up Bryce Menzies and Ryan Arciero meant that he was able to stay ahead. The Mint 400 is a gruelling off-road race that saw the unlimited trucks run four 107 laps, each with more ghost rocks than the last.

These apparitions are tire killers that drivers can’t quite spot, but managed to do a number to your rubber anyways.

The top five in the unlimited series is rounded out by Tim Herbst and Steve Olligies. The fastest truck of the day, Luke McMillin, managed to do his four laps in 6:49:52.88.

To see all the results, visit the Mint 400 website here.

The entire race is still online, so if you have a full 11 hours to spare, take a watch of the video below and you can see the trucks in action for yourself.